Couples’ Retreat Staycations

Couples need sufficient time by themselves to refresh, restart, and revitalize their relationship. If they don’t, the juices stop flowing, their chemistry dissolves, and stress builds until one or both implode. And, staycations are the ideal way to spend important time together.


Couples who are short on time, but longing for time away, don’t have to travel far to reconnect and enjoy a romantic getaway. A stay at a local hotel or resort is the ideal staycation, offering opportunities to relax and to renew the relationship.


Staycations at a local hotel or resort offer something for every couple. Options can include cooking demonstrations and wine tastings for foodies, gallery visits for art enthusiasts and, for some, the time to simply relax and unwind in the room or at the swimming pool.


After revisiting favourite memories, it’s time to make some new ones. Local museums offer a range of new experiences. Take painting lessons at the museum, or draw or take photos together. Couples who crave adventure might prefer a hiking excursion, while those who enjoy sporting events might prefer a night out at the ball game.


Often, these staycation experiences leave a lasting impact. They may even present additional experiences to enjoy in the future.


And, you don't need to plan a big extravagant vacation, opt for a nice staycation in a hotel nearby. Leave the stressors at home and in the workplace. Every couple needs a staycation at least once a year and here are 3 reasons why.


Conversation : Often, long-term couples begin to live quiet, parallel lives. Busy schedules, time apart and silent rituals like watching television can tear relationships apart. Bonds weaken because all couples must communicate to feel connected. For couples, getting away together this is an opportunity to get to know each other all over again. This is your chance to laugh, dream and share feelings — all in a positive setting that encourages a healthy exchange of thoughts. And, the improved communication is a souvenir that partners can take home with them.


You Need To Touch : Making time for physical intimacy is essential to a healthy, strong relationship. People need to feel loved, attractive and desired by their mates. It boosts self-esteem and increases mood overall, healthy-happy partners keep the relationship strong. Staycations will give you guys a chance to fall in love all over again.


It’s like having your own personal counselling session : Spending time together without any distractions gives two people time to solely focus on the relationship. A staycation often provides a positive setting without the typical stress or responsibilities at home, the environment is perfect for working through troubles.


Relationships, just like the individuals in them, all benefit from staycations. Having time to connect deeply and romantically brings a sense of renewal to the union. If possible, it is best to take more frequent, smaller getaways in lieu of one big trip once a year. It’s all about making time for two people to focus on life’s most precious gift – LOVEEEE.

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