Business Travellers : 3 Benefits of Long Stay Accommodation and How to Choose the Perfect Hotel

Businesses have widened horizons to multiple cities and not only this; today’s businesses have crossed boundaries of geographical areas. Nowadays, it is common to have cross country businesses. This increases the business opportunities as well as the networking events. If your business requires you to travel to different parts of the world, one of the most important things to consider is how to live comfortably while away from your comfort zone. As a global business traveller, you would need a place where you can unwind after each day’s business activities.

The serviced apartment sector or long stay accommodation is starting to make a large impact on the accommodation sector for corporate travel around the world. Long or extended stay properties typically specialise in accommodation ranging from one week to three months, however, in some cases the length of stay can extend into many months. They generally include the following types of properties:

▪ Hotels – some hotels are equipped to offer extended stays with suites, studios and/or one and two bedroom apartments. All are fully furnished and include ensuite bathrooms, equipped kitchen or kitchenette, a dedicated work space with internet access and direct phone line, and a lounge/dining area that may also include a sofa bed. Like most hotels, these properties usually have a reception desk and a daily or weekly laundry service.

▪ Serviced apartments – typically found in urban locations, these properties offer larger rooms than hotels – primarily studios as well as one bedroom and in some cases two bedroom apartments. Serviced apartments are fully furnished with ensuite bathrooms, fitted kitchen or kitchenette, lounge/dining area, reception desks, and a daily or weekly cleaning and laundry service.

▪ Executive apartments/corporate housing – these are full-sized residential apartments that are upgraded for stays longer than seven nights (stays tend to be measured by number of weeks rather than days). They are usually secure buildings with one, two or even three bedroom apartments for travellers who have family with them. Executive apartments are fully furnished and generally feature a fitted kitchen, all linen, internal laundry, TV, DVD and stereo, as well as a weekly cleaning service.

Followings are the top 3 benefits of long stay for corporate travellers who stay for an extended time:

1. An accommodation with all required business essentials
A representative of the company on a business trip needs to work extra hours. He needs to work in the premises of a client/prospect/vendor as well as at the place of accommodation. The extended stay hotels understand this business need and that’s why offer a range of facilities to support this business need of their corporate guests.

2. Accommodation to make stay comfortable
Man at work must get enough amenities to get relaxed so he can keep himself charged to give his 100% to work requirements. The hotels understand this basic need of corporate and that’s why offer all required amenities to ensure a comfortable and cosy accommodation to their corporate guests.

3. Cost effective rates and other money saving opportunities
There are hotels that offer weekly rates instead of daily or per night rates (which is less than the cumulative rate of a traditional hotel accommodation). Also, there are some hotels which provide additional discount on group booking or corporate bookings, this can work as an icing on the cake to get the best rates. Furthermore, this category of hotels has in room kitchenette so the business professionals can cook their own food to save some more money during their stay.

Choosing the Perfect Hotel for Your Next Business Trip
Searching for a hotel in an unfamiliar city can prove time consuming, especially if you are visiting a country for the first time. Cultural factors and language barriers serve only to add to the confusion. And when you are travelling for business, time is money. Naturally, you don’t want to sacrifice comfort for convenience, especially when it comes to essential amenities such as restaurants. Your choice of hotel can make or break a trip, and by extension a deal. It is important to be mindful of the factors which can help or hinder you on your journey.

1. Location
Ideally, you wish to be close to both the airport and the venue for your conference or meetings. City centre hotels are often the most desirable, but can present challenges due to traffic congestion. Airport hotels, on the other hand, can prove too remote. It's important to cross check all the factors which may affect the journey to and from your accommodation, in order to minimize time spent on the road.

2. Quality
Does your hotel have reliable Wi-Fi connectivity? How about a business centre facility, in case you need to send an urgent fax or print some copies of a key presentation? You want to avoid any stress, and ensure your hotel is both comfortable and has all the necessary amenities you require to work effectively.

3. Cost
When you are on a business trip, you don’t always want to spend an excessive amount of money on a hotel you won’t be spending much time in. However, you also want the time you spend there to be comfortable and enjoyable, allowing you can relax and focus on the task in hand.

4. Security
Even if the country you are travelling to is considered safe, security is always an issue to keep in mind. For the security of your belongings, or your personal safety while travelling, find a hotel which is located in a peaceful neighbourhood and has a good reputation. 

5. Loyalty Programs
If you are a frequent business traveller you may already have a favourite hotel or hotel chain, one which you have grown to depend on as a consistently reliable choice. Most of the major brands operate a loyalty program, which offers the convenience of priority booking, special rates and complimentary upgrades. Using the same hotel can result in significant savings, as well as the peace of mind gained from knowing exactly what you can expect from your accommodation.


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