How to Choose the Right Hotel Wedding Venue​

When it comes to planning the big day, there’s nothing so hard as choosing the wedding venue. get it right and the day runs smoothly - get it wrong and you can land yourself with an expensive bill for mediocre service. Let's check out five helpful tips on how to choose your venue.


Guests galore or a small gathering?

Start by making a list of your family and friends who you’d like to come to witness your marriage. Check your venue’s ability to cope with a large number of guests. Decide whether you will have everyone to the wedding breakfast or whether some guests will come to an evening reception only.


Marriage mileage or keep it close?

When you’re deciding on your wedding venue, bear in mind how far away it will be for guests to travel. If you and your partner are from different geographical areas, then you could choose somewhere in between to make it easier for family. Or you could decide that as you love a certain part of the world so much you want to get married there, whatever the distance guests have to travel.


That feeling...

It’s a bit like buying a house, you walk in and you immediately know whether it’s right or wrong. Potential wedding venues are the same - some will be too stately, some too informal and then, you’ll find the one that’s just right. There’s nothing particular to look out for on this piece of advice, just the common sense to go with your gut instinct of how you feel when you walk into a specific venue. If that’s how you feel now, then on the big day you’ll have nagging doubts about the venue and it could spoil the whole occasion.


Party central or chilled ceremony?

Close your idea, imagine your big day - and look around. What do you see? Is there late-night revelry with Great Uncle Jim leading the bridesmaids in a merry conga? Or do you see an afternoon tea affair with bunting and vintage china? Perhaps your idea of the perfect celebration lasts just a few hours - but during that time you sample the best of the best of everything you love - before heading off on your honeymoon? Some hotels let you take over the whole venue so that you have an exclusive setting for your nuptials.


Date dependent or flexible?

When you set a date, make sure you and your partner will be able to get time off work, that the date is not clashing with anything major in your extended family’s calendar - and that it’s the time of year you want to get married. Spend some time thinking about the implications of the date you choose - the bride’s dress, the wedding food and the whole ambience of the get-together will change according to the season.


And finally, enjoy all the planning of your wedding. It’s all part and parcel of the great adventure called married life.



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