The Ayeyarwady River of Myanmar

If Egyptians have the Nile, Indians have the sacred Ganges and the Israelites have the Jordan, then Myanmar has the Ayeyarwady. Since the ancient times, Myanmar civilization was born and prospered along and near the river, in part because of the rich resources it provides. The Burmese monarchs built their royals cities on its banks and held meetings on it with their generals and scholars in gold-and-crimson ships with silk awnings.

Myanmar: Tea Shops in Mandalay

Mandalay is a historic city, on its dry plain ringed by blue hills. In the heart of the city is the remnant of the moated square citadel where the last royal dynasty of Burma came to an ignominious end thanks to the empire-building British. But what about present-day Mandalay? Around the old citadel a grid of numbered streets spreads out, where a rich and bustling life goes on; and at the heart of that life is the humble tea shop.

Cultural Insight: A Gorgeous Myanmar Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Famed for its excellent location, irresistible cuisine, tranquil beauty and impeccable service, Hotel Hazel has long been the wedding venue for discerning couples in Mandalay. Whether it's elegant outdoor celebration, a grand indoor traditional event or a cosy reception for family and close friends, the hotel has a suitable venue for your dream wedding. Today, in this article, we are going to tell you how a traditional Myanmar wedding ceremony in the modern age looks like so that you know the tradition when you witness one.

10 things To Do in Mandalay - Part 2

The beauty of exploring the city by bicycle is, that you are totally flexible and free to do what you like. In terms of food this means you can just cruise down the road, look for a place that seems inviting and then sample some of the local food. The best thing about Myanmar cuisine is, that you always get a pot of complimentary tea. It’s just good, goes well with the food and it’s sociable.

Myanmar's Music and Performing Arts

Music, dance and drama in Myanmar are very much a part of everyday life in the country, performed on makeshift stages by the side of the road rather than in elegant theatres or concert halls, and with an audience of chattering and cheering locals gathered for the occasion. Fairs and festivals are often cultural as much as religious in appeal, with travelling troupes of artists performing pwe, a distinctive Burmese blend of theatre, song and dance, mixing slapstick comedy with stories from the great Buddhist and Hindu epics.


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