With her hip-length jacket, long-length silk or satin longyi, called “Htain-me-thein”, the bride looks somewhat like a princess of the Royal Court in the olden days of the Myanmar kings. And the bridegroom surely looks elegant and handsome in the traditional Myanmar men's attire which consists of a headdress called “Gaung Baung”, a long sleeve stiff collared shirt, a double length men's silk longyi called a “Taung Shay Longyi”, a traditional men's jacket and a velvet slipper.


It's a very encouraging and practical custom for the friends and relatives who attend the nuptial ceremony to shower the couple with gifts such as household items and personal affects that will help the marrying couple get on their feet with their life-long journey.

The Master of Ceremony will open the event and consecrate the marriage. After having recited a special written stanza on the bridal families and shower poetic praises on the bride and groom, and the MC will end the announcement with blessings for the couple to have life-long union and prosperity. At that time, the most experienced traditional singer will begin singing the classical auspicious song to welcome the bride and groom with the bridal families walk into the hall.


The flower girl will lead the way by gently scattering the flowers with the nuptial couple following behind. The bride and groom enter the ballroom, attended by their best men and bridesmaids, followed by their parents. Upon reaching the stage and before seating themselves, they turn towards the guests and with hands clasped together; pay their respects with their heads bowed.


The garlanding of the auspicious couple is one of the auspicious customs in Myanmar weddings. In ancient days, it was the custom for the bride and groom to garland each other, but nowadays, a couple with a long marital-standing and of only one marriage bestows the garlands on the couple, including the wedding rings.


After the wedding rituals are completed, the guests are treated with refreshments offered by the couple. It's a joyous and auspicious occasion for the newly-weds to begin their family life eternally in accord with Myanmar tradition. And it has become the solemn duty of the newly-weds to enrich human society as a wedded couple.


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Cultural Insight: A Gorgeous Myanmar Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Famed for its excellent location, irresistible cuisine, tranquil beauty and impeccable service, Hotel Hazel has long been the wedding venue for discerning couples in Mandalay. Whether it's elegant outdoor celebration, a grand indoor traditional event or a cosy reception for family and close friends, the hotel has a suitable venue for your dream wedding.​ Today, in this article, we are going to tell you how a traditional Myanmar wedding ceremony in the modern age looks like so that you know the tradition when you witness one.


As marrying is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, Myanmar people regard the wedding ceremony very seriously. On this day of matrimony, it's a custom for the bride's family to dress her up in the finest of attire and bedeck her with the best jewelleries they can afford.

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