If so, what is the reasonable cost to pay for hotel breakfast? Usually, the hotel breakfast in cold climates is more value-added than warm climates because you don’t need to go outside early in the freezing morning just for breakfast. Normally, you should not pay more than an extra $20 per person for a rate inclusive of breakfast.

Clean and Inviting Food Stations and Buffets for Leisure and Pleasure

It means revenue for your property. Making sure to keep guests happy with every aspect of the services and surroundings is very crucial when it comes to cleanliness and food varieties. Also, improve the presentation and serving of food as it can encourage repeat business with members and guests.


As social media nowadays allows people to share their displeasure on many aspects, like hygiene and cleanliness, with Facebook, Twitter, or other online review sites, a critical treat or bad score may result in unwelcome publicity and also a subsequent downturn in business.


You can be successful in the hospitality industry with all about foods. If a guest has faced dirty food areas and inappropriate buffet equipment, he will be afraid of slips, trips, and falls, not to mention sickness. But, with the right equipment and cleaning routine, the property is to be ensured that food areas stay hygienic and safe for the guests.

Ethnic Inspired: It includes Asian flavoured syrups, coconut milk pancakes, and scrambled eggs with a spicy chorizo edge.


Traditional Ethnic: This is for the adventurous traveler. You can serve a Moroccan omelette with veggies and cream or whip up a shakshuka.


Fresh Fruit & Organic Foods: For the health-conscious traveler, nothing is better than enjoying fresh fruit, organic fruit pastries, organic breads, and oatmeal for breakfast. 

Unique and New Ways to Offer Guests Breakfast.


Egg-White Omelettes: As protein breakfast is the best for fitness and health minded guests, it is worth to provide egg-white omelettes alongside a range of grilled vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms.


Yoghurt: As yoghurt is the latest craze, offer plain, flavoured, or Greek yoghurt with a little honey, berries, muesli, mixed fruit, granola, or even nuts.


Depending on the direction of your hotel, go and do what would suit your guests the most. If kitchen facilities or equipment is not sufficient, do with partnership like café or bakery.

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Perks of Staying at a Hotel with a Decent Breakfast Buffet

Restaurant breakfast every morning is a great idea as the satisfying breakfast adds comfort and ease to the guest’s stay. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as well as the most important amenity when staying at a hotel, either large or small. Although you have beautiful rooms with Wi-Fi, pools, and gyms, an experience without a good breakfast would be incomplete.


Some Hotel Breakfast Buffets Are Really Spectacular.

There are some really spectacular breakfasts. Generally, they are more common in Asia. Many buffets where non-hotel guests dine in as well are usually a good sign that it’s worth visiting. But sometimes, it is not worthwhile like paying extra for a hotel breakfast.

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